Another Pry: A Poem by Mayank Kashyap

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Plying the long lone lanes
En route on a highway,
Two on a bike
Enjoying the inspid ride
We halt by a roadside hut.
A woman awaits for quids
Chairs we occupy
Coins my pal flings
The desperate lady
Elated, with’em clings.Related image
Few fags we drag
Tea we sip
Biscuits we dip.
In lieu of the toxins we had
The lady is blessed with health.
Chastity amidst profanity,
Purity in shabby and filthy forms
Is all we force us to assume
Amused with the contrary
Again we start
Farms, birds and the sky
Month of May our lips dry
Lord where did we pry?
Summon the strength, escape
With the sprinting trees
Sprints away my cape,
We wander aimlessly
Mercilessly we suspend us
to the sun and the summer
they are so dry!
Now where must we next pry?


Mayank Kashyap is a graduate in English, hailing from an ordinary place  with some extra ordinary experiences. He likes to provide wings to his imagination through the beautiful genre of poetry. He likes to sign with a pseudonym – Morningstar.  He had an excellent time at St. Xavier’s College, Patna, where he studied literature and had a close look at what life actually is. Now he devotes his time to reading and writing. He reflects his experiences through words like a painter depicting his world on a canvas.

Email: [email protected]

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