FRIENDS: A Poem by Lalit Saraswat

As I lay on my couch, and fiddle with the remains of the day.
And the days gone by…

Friends and friendship, I am closer to define.
Some drag you down, to rise
And yet be at a loss : of shared laughter and smiles.
Hanging around with new friends, they think all things are for ready buy.

Are friends only a company for meals and freaks.
Calls and texts or there is something deep?

Friends enrich you with their presence.
This bond is way more than pride or delight.
No need to solemnize with BFF pics on sites.
Trust guards such vibes, acceptance follows however
hard might be the times.

Really hard to find such gems,
till then, let’s keep flaunting fake ceremonial friendships.
And hold our Masks right.


Lalit Saraswat, loves to scribble down the everyday emotions that flow through him, and smoulder his quintessence. A brilliant student, he is currently pursuing Pharmaceutical Sciences from UIPS, Panjab University, Chandigarh. He can be reached at [email protected]

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