Girl to Goddess

A Journey to Self-Discovery, Self-Love and Self-Worth
Nishi Jagavat
Penguin India
INR 299/

Review: Ms. Anjana Basu

Nishi Jagavat, or Nishi, as she prefers to be known, draws followers to her instagram feed on the strength of her poetry recited with sympathy and understanding with the notes of harmony behind her, the subtle tinkling of a piano, sometimes musings on love read in a duet with a male partner, easy to relate to.

Written on universal themes, according to Nishi her writing helped her to channel her ‘inner goddess’ or, rather help her move through various types of loss and, of course, a broken heart to ultimately find herself. The poet opens her heart and mind to her readers which makes the poems in some cases a cry in the dark – however, the darkness is penetrated by shafts of sunlight as the inner goddess breaks through to bring Nishi new meaning and positivity – to enable her to go one and rise above the turmoil of life.

The gold graphics of the stages of the moon on the cover highlight this aspect with a touch of Wiccan wisdom to them, though this is possibly unconscious. For clarity, a word cloud of contents is given on the back cover and the poems follow the order, voyaging through love and loss to the final stage of self-revelation and awareness.

The poems are simple, direct and written to inspire readers to follow Nishi’s voyage of self-discovery by looking within to find healing. They are not about a matter of rhyme though they have their own inner lyricism that reaches out to touch the heart. These are verses written for the modern generation of instagrammers and social media fans, lines that sound like everyone’s favourite quote for the day and that gives these poems their strength. They can be interpreted in different ways and readers can find their own paths to healing.

However, the word ‘goddess’ makes it very clear that these poems are for the feminine divine. Boys might flip through them to understand what a girl’s broken heart can feel like and also realise that ‘I shall overcome’ was written for a woman, regardless of age. Failed relationships Nishi implies are like the wrong roads taken but the true path is the one that leads from a lost girl to a found goddess.

Nishi’s work in print form is bound to glean more followers as the world of relationships opens up in modern times with lyrical sympathy as an automatic refuge.

Girl to Goddess is a book of poetry written by popular Instagram poet Nishi. The poems in the book are deeply personal, touching on universal themes of struggle, pain and healing. Nishi writes candidly about her own struggles with finding happiness, dealing with relationships and the challenges she faced on her journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. She explores the idea of finding the inner divinity, or the goddess within, and how listening to this voice helped her find a sense of peace and purpose. She shares her personal journey of self-discovery and growth.

Through this collection of insightful poems, Nishi takes the reader on a journey of mistakes, failures, fears, lessons, perspectives and realizations about life, love and everything in between. She shares her vulnerabilities and opens up about her deepest emotions. Her words inspire readers to look inwards and embrace their own inner divinity, encouraging them to find their own path towards healing and self-love.

Girl to Goddess is a powerful and moving book of poetry that speaks to the struggles of the human experience and how one surmounts them. Nishi’s writing is a testament to the power of self-reflection and the importance of finding the goddess within, and her words will resonate with readers long after they’ve turned the final page.