Judgement Ordained | A Poem by Bhabya Singh

Here comes the society
to judge her morality,
with its decree, trapping her dreams,
cutting her wings.
Their standards of beauty, she never fits in
Her passions, they’ll call sins
They’ll hang her for her choices
shattering her pieces, hushing her voices.
No, she must not cry
fighting back is prohibited
Through their hands
she’s born to be exploited
so, she did what they commanded
killed her soul, got her body wounded
No, this wasn’t her ‘sacrifice’
the world belongs to heroes
Now, she is trying to speak
They’ll declare her a daring brute
It’s time to break the impound
Her fire can burn them all
or a flood, they’ll drown !


Bhabya Singh (Columnist, Reviews) is a student of Commerce (pursuing Post-Graduation); however, with a fond love towards literature she thrives to read and write.

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