TODAY’S MAN: A Poem by Anushka Vashishth

Painting –  Annett Schmölling

To this whole world,
I want to say some words:
What’s happening to us all ?
Let’s have a quick recall.

When small and tiny,
Help each other with a smilie.
No jealousy nothing bad,
Nothing’s there to be a cad.

Young seek their own pleasure,
By playing games of finding treasure.
Happy and happy all the way they are,
But cry when they get a scar.

They adapt their own fashion,
Copying actors is one of their passion.
Wait for buying fashionable things-long,
And don’t care about to where they belong.

Saves when becomes a family man,
Even a single penny in a single can.
Miser and miser then becomes,
Now how to overcome this?

Old age is the time to pray,
In front of God, his crimes sway.
All the wrongs he had done in the past,
Wants to get rid of them at last.

Too late to repent this entire debacle,
Some lies and crimes are not tenable.
Dies then and goes to another world,
Now what will happen to the money stored in the cupboard?

Anushka Vashishth is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from UIPS, Panjab University. As a passionate writer, she has written many poems and short stories. Her first poem was published in her School magazine when she was in 6th standard. Now-a-days she is working on her novel “Forever Yours” whose fanfic version is available on under the penname Kristie20.

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